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Rocks & Minerals

Symes, R. F.
Book, 2021

j 552 Sym 12/21

Ultimate Rockopedia

The Most Complete Rocks & Minerals Reference Ever

Tomecek, Steve
Book, 2020

j 552 Tom 4/21

Geology for Kids

A Junior Scientist's Guide to Rocks, Minerals, and the Earth Beneath Our Feet

Vestal, Meghan
Book, 2020

j 550 Ves 10/21

Old Rock (is Not Boring)

Pilutti, Deb
Book, 2020

Pic Pilutti 3/20

Grand Canyon

Chin, Jason
Book, 2017

j 557.9132 Chi 3/18

The Field Guide to Geology

Lambert, David
Book, 2007

551 Lam 5/09

Rocks & Fossils

Book, 1996

550 Roc c.1 2/97

The Glacial Lakes Around Michigan

Kelley, Robert W.
Book, 1967

551.482 Kell

The Geotraveller

Geology of Famous Geosites and Areas of Historical Interest

Scoon, Roger N.
Book, 2021

551 Sco 10/21

Geology You Can Gobble

Alkire, Jessie
Book, 2019

j 641 Alk 7/19

Rock Collecting for Kids

An Introduction to Geology

Lynch, Dan R.
Book, 2018

j 552.0075 Lyn 7/19

The Seismic Seven

Slivensky, Katie
Book, 2018

JF Slivensky 7/18

The Street Beneath My Feet

Guillain, Charlotte
Book, 2017

j 551.1 Gui 2/18

Yogi Bear's Guide to Rocks

Weakland, Mark
Book, 2016

j 552 Wea 10/15

Secrets of the Earth

Banqueri, Eduardo
Book, 2006

j 550 Ban 12/05


The Solid Earth Materials #2

DVD, 2004


A Field Guide to the Geology of Southwestern Michigan

(Intended Primarily for Secondary Earth Science Teachers)

Squire, Gregg R.
Book, 1972

551 Squ

Michigan's Sand Dunes

A Geologic Sketch

Book, 1962

917.74 Kel 6/83

Notes on the Devonian-Silurian in the Subsurface of Southwest Michigan

Ells, Garland Delos
Book, 1958

551.73 Ell 6/92

Pre-historic Mackinac Island

Stanley, George M.
Book, 1945

557.74 Sta 8/10

The Pleistocene of Indiana and Michigan and the History of the Great Lakes

Leverett, Frank
Book, 1915

551.7 Lev 5/09

Rock Collecting for Kids

An Introduction to Geology

Lynch, Dan R.
eBook, 2018

eBook hoopla

Geology Lab for Kids

52 Projects to Explore Rocks, Gems, Geodes, Crystals, Fossils, and Other Wonders of the Earth's Surface

Romaine, Garret
eBook, 2017

eBook hoopla

How Mountains Are Made

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner
eBook, 2015

eBook hoopla

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Verne, Jules
Book, 1986

Teen Fic Ver 3/05

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